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Meet Michelle

My public speaking career began in the 6th grade when I did what every “new kid” does: ran for class president. And lost. After graduating from college, I voluntarily taught English, but not well, in Vietnam. This led to a year of soul searching in San Francisco where I worked at a flower shop and interned at a PR firm. My flower-loving heart was all in. But not so much with B2B communications, which is how I paid my rent.

Ultimately, I found myself working on Capitol Hill for a U.S. Senator where I developed moxie and honed my public speaking and speech writing skills. I mingled with astronauts and changemakers, held court with politicians and CEOs and stood my ground with passionate constituents. Curious by nature, these experiences confirmed the importance of asking the right questions and listening carefully.

So, how did I get from the marble and gold gilded halls of Congress to floral and candle lined aisles and wedding altars?

How it started

Client Love

Jenna + Michael

“We dreamed of a meaningful, genuine, sentimental ceremony. Michelle helped us and my brother bring it to life. Working with her put us completely at ease because we knew the ceremony was going to be so unique, full of love, and special. We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Michelle and highly recommend her!”

Alex  + Aaron

“Michelle worked with us over the past year to craft a ceremony that felt completely "us". We could tell right away that she was a warm and caring person who we could trust. She delivered the ceremony perfectly and was a calming presence during the rehearsal and the day of the wedding. What stood out to me most was how much Michelle GENUINELY cared about me and my husband and our ceremony. We are very lucky to have found her!”

Melissa  + Lucky

“Michelle’s style was perfect for us. Modern, relaxed, fun. We had a 100% custom ceremony that was beyond PERFECT. It’s all anyone could talk about at the reception. There was no other ceremony that guests felt so engaged in. EVER! You get what you pay for, and Michelle is worth it and more!”

You didn't settle for your partner and shouldn't have to settle for your wedding ceremony either.

You didn't settle for your partner and shouldn't have to settle for your wedding ceremony either.

I walked into this wanting you to have it all: a genuine ceremony that honors your values, makes time stand still, and adds joy and depth to your experience. Plus, the celebration of your dreams, a satisfying marriage, and a lifetime of love. 

Your ceremony can and should feel good. Let’s start creating your legacy of love. 

I had no intention of starting a business.

But when I was planning my wedding, I experienced a huge gap in the wedding industry: there were no good ceremony options for modern couples. And I couldn’t ignore it. So, I took my years of writing, public speaking, research, and communications experience to the bank. I founded Swoon Union with the belief that:


My biggest takeaway as a bride: You shouldn’t have to choose between the comfort of a loved one and the ease of a professional for your wedding ceremony, which is why I offer options to meet you exactly where you are. 

About Me

Random Facts


 Loving on people is my favorite thing to do. When we work together, I’m YOUR ceremony hype girl. You and your fiancé are my only horse in the race. I support and guide you as you prepare to take your first steps together as a newly married couple. And I’ll be rooting for your every happiness and success way beyond on your wedding day.


I love 18k carat gold and gems that sparkle but dogs make better friends than diamonds. I’m especially partial to my golden girl, Lucy. From our initial consultation to your walk down the aisle, your furry BFFs are always welcome! 

I often joke that I made up the "perfect" job for me  but all jokes aside: it's without a doubt my calling. I've helped hundreds of clients and thousands of guests, experience something truly personal, unique, and swoon-worthy since 2017.

Client love


“Michelle made our ceremony more special than we could’ve ever imagined. Everyone is still talking about how amazing it was. She puts her whole heart into making your ceremony heartfelt and emotional.”

– jill & kevin

“Michelle wrote and performed a ceremony so beautiful and so perfectly personal to us, and to our friends and family. Every single person in attendance felt something that truly resonated with them. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house! Michelle cracked the code on wedding ceremonies. You don’t just WANT Michelle, you NEED her.”

– cam & allyssa

“Michelle took the time to get to know us and as a result the ceremony was perfect. We’ll always remember the kind words she said and how comfortable she made us feel on a day when we were excited and anxious. We received so many compliments on how beautiful our ceremony was and how well Michelle delivered it. She truly has a gift.” 

My husband and I met the old-fashioned way: through a mutual friend, at a (dive) bar. Bonding over a shared love for the mountains, college sports, and adventure, we were friends at first sight. 

With Cale living in Colorado and me in Washington, D.C., there were miles and time zones between us, but we stayed connected through breakfasts in Boulder, football games in Seattle, skiing circles in the Rockies, exploring the Southwest, camping in the Redwoods, and music festivals in Aspen.

We’re tied together, but never down. We’re best friends. Better together than we are apart.

Curious about our wedding?

A foundation of friendship